Meet the Froberg Family

Froberg Citrus Trees and Nursery was established by Paul and Kim Froberg in 2009, but the love of agriculture and the tradition of producing and farming has been passed down from generation to generation. Paul’s grandfather started Froberg’s Farm in the 1930’s and Paul’s father “Coon” Froberg ran the farm until his death in 2002. Paul’s brother Alfred now runs the farm – and so on goes the tradition. 

Froberg Nursery is very much a family oriented business. Paul loved agriculture even as a boy and began budding trees as a young adult. When he decided to open his own nursery just half a mile away from the family farm, he knew it would be a family affair. Paul and his wife Kim have four children – three boys and one girl. All of them are involved or have been involved in some aspect of the business, whether it be helping with the planting and budding or working the register in the store. The oldest is Roy “Woody” Welch. He is a volunteer fireman and works as a police officer at the Lake Jackson Police Department in Lake Jackson, Texas. He is also a member of the S.W.A.T. team in Lake Jackson. He has one son, Jaymes Woodward. Their second son, Austin Blake Froberg is married to Ashley. They both are serving our country but in different branches. Austin is in the Army and is now stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas. He’s been deployed several times and is awaiting another deployment. His wife Ashley is in the Navy and is stationed in Jacksonville, Florida. Tyler Morgan Froberg is their third son and is married to Kristi. Tyler has a love for agriculture and works for AlvinISD as an AG teacher . His Bachelor’s Degree is in Plant and Soil Science from Texas Tech. His wife Kristi is the Vice Principal for one of the local junior high schools in Alvin. She graduated from Texas A&M. They have one son, Dusti Morgan. Lastly is their fourth child, Summer Froberg Bryant. She is a realtor for Red Door Realty and Associates. She is married to Dylan who works for Goodman Distribution.  They live in Spring, Texas. Summer and Dylan are always willing and eager to come down and help with any part of the business. Dylan has help from working the store to planting and landscaping. Summer has worked the store and adds such a beautiful smile to the nursery.

Paul and Kim have a true passion for their business and love to treat their customers like part of their own family. Because they want your tree to grow and prosper, they encourage you, the customer, to involve them in the growth of your tree. If you have any trouble, Paul and Kim want you to give them a call. They can help you over the phone or even come make a service call to give you some advice. 

Paul and Kim are also proud members of Go Texan. Thank you for supporting Texas agriculture!