Products and Pricing

A note on all of our products: Every tree we carry is budded onto a root stock especially for our area. Some varieties will flourish in other areas as well, but some will only grow in similar climes or soil. We recommend that you ask us about the tree you plan on buying if you live in another area. We are always eager to aid our customers in the growth of their trees, so call us if you have any trouble or questions.





Grapefruit: Bloomsweet, Duncan, Golden, Rio Red, Old Fashioned Pink




Lemon: Meyer, Iranian, Lisbon, Ponderosa, Variegated Pink




Lime: Kaffir, Key, Mexican, Palestinian, Persian


Lakeland Limequat


Mandarin: Honey, Kishu Seedless, Pong Koa, Ponkan


Orange: Moro Bood, Navel, Pineapple, Republic of Texas, Ujukitsu, N-33



Pummelo: Chandler, Sarawak, Kirado Buntan


Satsuma: Little Sweetie, Brown Select, Miho, Owari, Variegated


Tangelo: Orlando, Wekiwa


Tangerine: Clementine, Sunburst



3 gallon: $36.00 – $42.00 (depending on variety)

7 gallon: $65.00 and up (depending on variety)

10 gallon: $100.00 and up (depending on variety)


*prices are approximate and subject to change
*dwarf varieties are also available on several of the trees.




Apple: Anna, Doresett Golden, Ein Sheimer


Avocado: Joey, Lila, Poncho, Brazos Belle


Fig: Alma, Celeste, Italian Black, Italian Honey, LSU Gold, LSU Purple, Native Black, O’Rourke, Osborn Prolific, Petite Negre, Texas Everbearing


Nectarine: Sun Red


Peach: Eva’s Pride, FloridaKing, Mid-Pride, SamHouston


Pear: Acres Home, Kawakami, Meadows, Southern Barlett, Tennhousi


Persimmon: Fuyu


Plum: Methley, Santa Rosa


Pomegranate: Ambrosia, Garnet Sash, Kashmir Blend, Pink Satin, Red Silk, Sharp Velvet



3-gallon: $20.00 – $34.00

Avocado trees: $43.00 – $120.00 depending on gallon size


*prices are approximate and subject to change


We also carry:

Seasonal Berry Plants (blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, grapevines)


Assorted Hardwood Trees (Oak, Pine, Magnolia, etc.)


Seasonal Bedding Plants




Flowers (Knock Out Roses, Hibiscus, etc.)


Insecticides and Fertilizers


Soils (Landscapers Mix, mulch, potting soil)


Cement Ornamentals


Clippers and Gloves


Root Stimulator




Birdfeeders and Birdhouses


**We also offer house calls and planting/landscaping. Prices depend on the distance from the nursery, products used, and number of trees.**